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(da’ba) noun

A roadside bistro or eatery in the Indian subcontinent, found on highways and generally serving local cuisine. Dhabas serve as truck stops, rest stops for travelers, and wallet friendly options for college students.

We, at Veeray da Dhaba, are excited to bring Dhaba-style
Punjabi food to the East Village. Roll up your sleeves and indulge!

Open Daily: 12pm - 3pm | 5pm - 10pm

Chef Hemant Mathur

Chef Hemant Mathur is an award-winning Michelin star chef with over three decades of experience in the culinary world. His long-standing presence in the global fine dining industry has helped change the way Indian food and hospitality has been perceived in the US. He not only won over New Yorkers’ hearts with distinctive Indian tastes & flavors but also became one of USA’s top Tandoor masters, and the main inspiration behind the success of some of the city’s top Indian restaurants. His passion for Indian food and his innovative approach to cooking have earned him critical acclaim and a loyal following of food lovers.

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