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Veeray da Dhaba is created by a team of like-minded foodies; a trio of friends (a.k.a veerays) who have always liked to eat, drink, and create amazing food together.

"Our passion brought Veeray da Dhaba to the East Village. We're excited to share Indian food and Punjabi culture with the community."

- Hemant, Binder & Sonny


Meet the Veerays

It is said, “The Dhaba moves wherever the Punjabi goes.”

Inspired by the roadside eateries of Punjab, Sonny Solomon - a native of Punjab and backed by 25 years of experience at critically acclaimed restaurants in NYC, Hemant Mathur - the renown Michelin star chef, and Binder Saini - native of Punjab and former Executive Chef of Kurry Qulture (winner of the Best Indian Restaurant in Queens), create a delectable menu promising to entice gurgling stomachs and offer a glimpse into Punjab’s authentic taste and culture. 

“In my youth, with only a few rupees in my pocket and an adventurous heart, I often found myself on the historical Grand Trunk Road. The dimly lit shacks on the roadside called dhabas were sanctuaries for road warriors like me. They provided rest as we relaxed on rope cots called a charpoi, appreciating the country landscape over a much needed home cooked meal. If we were lucky, we would be audience to cultural lores and legends by the waiter and cook. If not, we always had the blaring Punjabi music for entertainment,” reminisces Solomon.

The food is wholesome and cooked using fresh, local ingredients in small batches, keeping the rustic flavor. The menu includes stuffed parathas, home style curries and Indian vegetables seasoned with fresh and fragrant spices. Chef Hemant Mathur and Chef Binder Saini revive the quintessential delicacies found in a Punjabi dhaba, and serve them hot and piping to all who hunger for a taste of Punjab, India.

Sonny Solomon
Chef Binder Saini
Chef Hemant Mathur
Sonny Solomon

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222 1st Ave, New York, NY 10009

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